Recent Work - Paintings from mid 2020 onwards
2021  saw the closure of Off The Wall Gallery in Cardiff where my work featured but with pleasure I accepted the invitation to be part of ceramic artist Ann Goodfellow's new venture at Ivy House Gallery, Llandeilo. 
My paintings continue to be available through Yr Oriel Gallery, Newport Pembrokeshire and The Golden Sheaf Gallery, Narberth

Paintings are undertaken using  combinations of Acrylic paint with other media eg inks, graphite and oil bar. Brief details are provided - please get in touch to check availability, purchase or if you require further information. Some of the paintings featured will be on display currently in the galleries mentioned. For a short period, from October 2021 to January 2022 my work veered towards more readable landscapes, which I think was a consequence of my yearning to be outside during a period of illness. However, I shall always have a strong engagement with the landscape.