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Recent Work 
In 2021 I accepted the invitation to be part of ceramic artist Ann Goodfellow's new venture at Ivy House Gallery, Llandeilo
and in Sept/October 2022 I was selected to be part of the Celebration of Welsh Contemporary Painting (COWCP Exhibition at The Found Gallery, Brecon alongside Kevin Sinnott, Chris Griffin, Sue Hunt, Ken Dukes, Maggie James and Kate Corbett-Winder.  My work is also part of the COWCP exhibition at The Futures Gallery,  Pierhead Building, Cardiff which has its official launch on 10th January 2023.

Towards the end of 2022 my paintings were heavily influenced by the dramatic weather conditions experienced here. Subsequently, the shift was to more recognizable elements. 2023 has seen a return to more abstracted work and a reduction in scale.
Exhibition of Paintings at Found Gallery, Brecon 13th September to 15th October 


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